The best treatment is just enough when dealing with your own health! 

This statement is very important for us when we take personal care of each individual patient. We therefore provide high standard medical care – with a personal touch. I like to spend time with you in my office to carefully explore your medical history and the present complaints. By that patients know that they are in safe and professional care. Surgical competence and spezialized expertise in various minimally invasive techniques are ideal prerequisites for a successful surgical procedure.


Our portfolio:

  • Call us anytime
  • Personal advice
  • Individual treatment concepts
  • Appointments at short notice
  • Modern technology
  • We offer personal treatment planning in one of our 2 offices and diagnostic and operative procedures in a private hospital 
  • Check up visits and explanation of diagnositc findings in a personal and private setting
  • Direct electronic billing with 4 insurance companies (BVA, KFA, SVA, VA) 




BVA, KFA, VA, SVA und Privat

1170 Wien, Hernalser Hauptstraße 101

T +43 1 486 17 86


Privatordination und Endoskopiezentrum

1190 Wien, Chimanistraße 1

T +43 1 367 13 73